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From appointment setting to utilization management to provider matching, PTPN CompDirect is your one-stop Physical Medicine partner.

 Appointment Setting 

Our appointment-setting system directs your injured workers to network providers, minimizing leakage and controlling costs. The combination of state-of-the-art technology and knowledgeable representatives makes appointment setting quick and convenient. And research shows that getting Physical Medicine treatment started quickly is linked to lower medical costs and better outcomes, which means fewer doctor visits and a more timely return to work

 Comprehensive Physical Medicine Network 

PTPN CompDirect uses a core network of top-tier providers, as well as a broad, geographically disbursed supplementary network of Physical Medicine providers (physical therapists, occupational therapists, chiropractors, acupuncturists, and massage therapists) to keep referrals in network. This minimizes out-of-network costs and hassles. Contact us for details about our geographic locations and network statistics.

 Provider Matching 

With more than a decade of experience in scheduling injured workers' Physical Medicine appointments, PTPN is the industry expert in matching each worker with the right provider. PTPN CompDirect reps consider each patient's location and preferences, as well as the provider's specialties and qualifications, to make the best match.

 Authorization Coordination 

Our streamlined communication technology ensures that all authorization information and requests flow smoothly and quickly among adjusters, physicians, and Physical Medicine providers. This reduces treatment delays and therefore maximizes treatment outcomes.

 Utilization Management 

PTPN, a Physical Medicine utilization management pioneer, was the first specialty network to develop a UM program more than 20 years ago. Working in conjunction with your UR staff or your outside UR company, our program does much more than just ensure compliance with standard workers' compensation treatment guidelines, such as MTUS, ODG, and ACOEM: It also gives you the benefit of our three decades of Physical Medicine experience to achieve the best possible balance between care effectiveness and cost efficiency. Compliant care delivers better outcomes by maximizing injured workers’ improvement and expediting return to work while minimizing your medical spend.

 Outcomes Measurement 

PTPN CompDirect offers you the only Physical Medicine network that is managed and tiered not based on utilization and price, as other Physical Medicine Rebilling Vendors do (learn more about their Dirty Little Secret), but based on comprehensive clinical outcomes measures and other quality standards. Our top-tier providers, who earn priority for patient referrals, participate in the PTPN Outcomes Program, a proprietary system that uses technology to track injured workers’ functional improvement during treatment, measure treatment outcomes, and monitor provider efficiency.

 Customized Reporting 

PTPN CompDirect provides you with customizable reporting capabilities to keep you informed about referrals, cost savings, provider performance, and other key metrics, holding us accountable for meeting your goals.

 Discounted and Transparent Pricing 

Your price for PTPN CompDirect is below the typical rates charged by large Physical Medicine Rebilling Vendors.

Plus, the cost for PTPN CompDirect’s services is completely transparent. Unlike Rebilling Vendors, PTPN CompDirect provides complete transparency, which allows you to see exactly where your Physical Medicine dollar is going: how much to medical care, and how much to network and utilization management services.

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