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PTPN CompDirect.

Bringing Transparency and Accountability to Physical Medicine.

About PTPN CompDirect


Employers and insurers need a Physical Medicine partner who helps you get injured workers back on the job efficiently and effectively. PTPN, a physical medicine industry leader for more than 30 years, has created PTPN CompDirect to help drive more claims dollars toward patient care, and fewer dollars to overhead, administration, or – even worse – the black hole of rebilling vendor profit margins.

Developed by recognized experts in the healthcare and workers' compensation industries, PTPN CompDirect is a Physical Medicine network that connects payers and providers directly. There’s no middleman billing the payer and paying only a fraction of the payment to the provider, which slows down payment, frustrates providers, and jeopardizes the quality of your network and of your injured workers’ experience – all of which interfere with return to work. (Learn more about the Dirty Little Secret of middlemen in Physical Medicine.)

From appointment setting to utilization management to provider matching, PTPN CompDirect is your one-stop Physical Medicine partner. Contact us today to learn how we can help you achieve better patient outcomes and lower overall costs!

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